Quality without compromise, at every step

The world needs climate action without compromise. So we’re building a new model. One that’s driving quality, integrity and trust at every step of the process.  

A collage of illustrations and photos highlighting key aspects of Impact including Risk Analysis, Baseline Date, Monitoring and Engagement.
project evaluation

Going beyond the standard

Our approach to identifying the highest quality projects consolidates the best thinking in the industry — across organizations and task forces, regulators, environmental NGOs, and think tanks. The result is a stringent, industry-leading set of criteria for quality.


Independent Carbon Standards


Leading Industry Groups


International Multilateral Organizations


Think Tanks & Environmental NGOS

Project monitoring process

Eyes in the sky, boots on the ground

We don’t just claim our projects are making a difference — we make sure of it. Our rigorous multi-part, ongoing monitoring process ensures every project achieves the greatest possible climate, community, and environmental impact throughout its entire lifecycle.

Taking data analysis to new levels

We work with project partners to collect and analyze critical site-level indicator data — tree growth and survival rates, carbon biomass, crop production, biodiversity levels, soil carbon, community income generation, and more — in order to closely track project progress.



Bioacoustic monitoring devices listen to birds, frogs, and other wildlife — allowing us to track changes in species diversity and measure overall biodiversity health.

A map of Homa Bay is overlayed with a audio feed of a yellow bellied bird with a red beak.
Food Security

Food & Dietary Diversity

We measure food security through community surveys and observational data that assess dietary diversity and food access throughout the year.

Two workers hold fruit and a bowl of fresh corn in front of a lush rainforest.
Deforestation Drivers

Reduce Wood Fuel Use

Sensors combined with kitchen performance tests and surveys provide a clear view of how efficient cookstoves reduce wood fuel use to protect forests.

A efficient cookstove displays the reduced amount of wood needed for fuel.

Tracking progress through technology

We use geospatial data analysis to track vegetation changes, estimate carbon biomass, and detect threats across all project sites in our portfolio.

Here we see how tree growth, crops, and human infrastructure are mapped and tracked over time in Western Kenya.

Two people having a conversation while crouched down onto a field of dirt.

Witnessing impact up close

Some things just can't be observed from behind a screen. Regular visits to project sites allow us to thoroughly evaluate progress first-hand, and — most importantly — engage with the local communities who are vital to any project’s success.

A hand holding a lab filtering flask of blue liquid.

Embracing external assessments

We enthusiastically welcome second (and third, and fourth…) opinions. Independent third parties verify and validate all our projects against the relevant carbon standard, and if needed, recommend any further actions we should take.

Every project delivers a diversity of dividends

Reduced poverty. Increased food security. Restored ecosystems. Strengthened biodiversity. Every project we support delivers concrete benefits beyond carbon removal or avoidance for both the community it’s located in and the people who live there.

Restored Ecosystems



Now, I can get something to put in my pocket. I am using the money to pay school fees…and our daily bread.

TobiasSmallholder Farmer

Reduced Poverty

Farmers in yellow coveralls tending to plants inside of a greenhouse.


Soil Health

A man holding up a large grass-like shrub with substantial root system attached.



Community Empowerment

A woman in a patterned long dress standing amongst a farm plot looks off into the distance.

Trees For the Future


Increased Food Security

Aerial view of a plot of newly planted trees and plants.

Trees For The Future


My farm is better today.

DavidSmallholder Farmer

David has gone from 12 trees on his piece of land to over 3,300.

Our expertise

Built on industry-leading expertise

Our experienced and dedicated experts oversee every aspect of a project’s lifecycle — from initial evaluation and planning, to execution, to ongoing monitoring — diligently ensuring quality at every step and maximizing impactful outcomes for people and the planet.

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We collaborate with trusted project partners

We work with like-minded project developers who share our deep commitment to integrity, transparency, and an urgency to better our planet.


Visit our FAQs for detailed information on our carbon program.

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