Pioneering solutions for climate action

We help organizations achieve their unique climate goals with innovative, high-impact carbon solutions that mobilize climate action at scale.

Portfolios tailored for any ambition

No matter how big your organization’s climate goals are, we’ll help you reach them with a bespoke portfolio of carefully selected carbon projects. We’ll work with you to rigorously identify, vet, and secure high-quality carbon credits that match your objectives and align with your mission.

Let nothing stand between you and net zero. Our team of carbon industry experts and experienced financial veterans can craft innovative and flexible solutions that are adapted to your climate targets and budget.

Meta: A mega-deal for nature.

Through trusted collaboration and deep partnership, Catona Climate worked closely with Meta to craft an innovative agreement that will ultimately remove 6,750,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Invest in a carbon-free future

The time to invest in a net-zero future is now. We offer firms a path to fund the vital nature-based projects driving exponential climate impact for tomorrow. Our rigorously-vetted projects minimize risk and maximize return — for you and the planet.


Learn how our solutions are making an impact

We’re building a new model to achieve climate action without compromise — one that values quality, integrity and trust at every step of the process.  

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