Posted: January, 2024

New deal between Edison Energy and Catona Climate will help scale innovative soil carbon project

Jan 18, 2024, 7:55am PDT • NEWS

The Catona team is proud to announce the completion of our first transaction with global energy and sustainability advisory firm, Edison Energy — one that will help accelerate the adoption of a critical soil carbon project while helping corporate clients achieve their climate goals.

Edison Energy sourced credits for their client from the Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project, an innovative project funded by Catona and developed by our partner Native. The project increases the soil’s potential to sequester carbon by implementing sustainable grazing management on multiple ranches in Montana and parts of five adjacent states.

Ranchers participating in the project receive training and education through local partner Western Sustainability Exchange’s network for regenerative ranching, while the sale of carbon credits helps ranchers offset the cost of implementation practices.

Soil carbon projects increase soil’s potential to sequester carbon by implementing scientifically proven sustainable land management practices including tillage changes, organic inputs, and improved grazing management. We’re working hard to jumpstart the adoption of these critical but underfunded projects because they offer a proven, effective carbon removal solution to help companies fulfill their climate commitments.

Native’s Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project

The Catona and Edison Energy Collaboration

We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Edison Energy, a trusted name whose reputation is built on industry-leading advisory of large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients as they navigate the transition to a clean energy future. They help clients strategically map out their sustainability journey with transparency and integrity — from assessing emissions and meeting science-based reduction targets, to compensating for residual emissions with high-quality carbon credits.

Naturally, that last step is what led Edison Energy to us, and we take great pride in the fact that they were drawn to our carbon portfolio. Edison Energy’s approach to procuring carbon credits is thoughtful and deliberate, knowing how critically important it is — to them, to their clients, and to the planet — that credits represent real, measurable climate impact.

"Differentiating low-quality projects from those with significant benefits and integrity can be extremely challenging in this market,” said Tim Kidman, Managing Director of Sustainability Strategy at Edison Energy. “That’s why we are particularly diligent in assessing the true impact of every project when sourcing for our clients. First, we develop a strategy that aligns offset criteria and objectives with each client's priorities, then we rigorously vet each potential investment to ensure alignment and minimize client risk.”

The purchase facilitated by Edison Energy is the latest transaction following five prior forward purchases of this project in 2023 by corporate buyers seeking to address hard-to-abate emissions in parallel to their decarbonization efforts. Thanks to these corporate buyers, the project has already secured plans for regenerative practices on over 50,000 acres, which will sequester over 650,000 tonnes of carbon. Over time, the project will expand to thousands more acres, with scientifically-established methods for regular soil sampling to ensure climate impact.

At Catona, we believe that ‘integrity,’ ‘quality,’ and ‘impact’ are much more than buzzwords. Rather, they are principles underpinned by science-based standards against which we must consistently and transparently measure ourselves and every carbon project we support, including this regenerative grazing project.

Native’s Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project

Our soil is a vital resource – both from a carbon and biodiversity standpoint. With the help of companies like Edison Energy and their clients, we can drive more capital toward high-integrity projects, ensuring that they capture excess carbon from our atmosphere, while maintaining the health of our soil — and the planet.

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Rob Lee

Rob Lee is Chief Carbon Officer at Catona Climate. Rob has been a respected thought leader in the carbon industry for as long as it has existed.

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