The Path Ahead

As we turn the page on an eventful and successful year, we can look to the future with renewed hope and optimism, buoyed by the belief that we can rise collectively to meet the challenge of our lifetimes. Here’s where we plan to focus our energies in the year ahead and beyond.

Catona Climate

Growing our portfolio

Our carefully curated portfolio of high-impact nature-based carbon projects will continue to lie at the heart of our business; it’s what makes us Catona. While we’ll always prize quality over quantity, we expect to grow our portfolio by sourcing and helping develop more projects that meet our exacting standards. In 2024, we’ll look to expand our reach by working with more mission-aligned partners, exploring new and promising project types, and establishing ourselves in new geographies. Our global impact will become deeper and broader.

Expanding project monitoring

Ensuring quality means always keeping a close eye (in both the human and technological sense) on all our projects — better data drives better decision-making and informs adaptive project management. We’ll build on our industry-leading Monitoring & Engagement program and expand our project monitoring activities: accelerating our use of the most advanced geospatial technology; further engaging participant communities through in-depth feedback to gather local buy-in and deliver meaningful benefits; and leveraging emerging practices and technologies to pilot new methods of data collection, such as directly measuring soil organic carbon in the field.

Adding value where it counts most

We’ve carved out a unique and important role for Catona in the carbon finance space, and we’ll keep building on that solid foundation. That means providing hands-on support and collaboration to the project developers we work with, from project design through implementation to long-term monitoring. It means rigorous portfolio management and monitoring to reduce risk for capital providers and offset buyers.

And it means continuing to forge long-term partnerships with like-minded industry stakeholders as dedicated as we are to restoring nature on a massive scale.

Pioneering climate finance innovation

Why are we named Catona? Because driving ‘Capital To Nature’ sums up our reason for being. We’ll continue developing new and creative financing models, bringing capital providers and enterprise buyers to the table early in the project diligence process, and exploring different finance options to offer more flexibility and resources for projects. Our goal is simple: more funding to scale impactful projects critical to the fight against climate change.

Impact, impact, impact

Above all, our three impact pillars will remain the basis of our holistic approach to climate finance — the north stars that guide everything we do:

  1. Climate Impact
    Achieving large-scale nature-based CO2 mitigation.

  2. Environmental Impact
    Protecting and restoring ecosystems around the world.

  3. Community Impact
    Delivering meaningful social benefits and growth opportunities to local communities on the front lines of climate action.

For all the positive developments we saw in 2023, the impact we’ve been able to achieve is what we’re most proud of. Expect even more in 2024.

2023 Impact Report

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